Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another day at the Funny Farm

Last night was a bit tough, Tim locked the chickens out of the barn and they had to find shelter elsewhere.  He moved their coop outside of the barn but they are not to sure about sleeping in there.

I had to have my bedroom window open all night so i could hear if anything got them riled.  I hate having to sleep pretty much with one ear open.  But they all made it though the night. I was most concerned about the baby peeps they are just asking to be eaten.

Sheep are chilling, it will be a pretty warm day today and they just like laying around chewing their cud. What a life.  Eat, sleep, poop :)

Well not much going on. Just a reminder I still have lots of SUPER NICE ram lambs available as well as meat on the hoof.  Email or call me if you need more info.

Peace OUT:)

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