Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot for the sheep

Today and tomorrow are going to be scorchers and I feel really bad for the sheep.  I am sure it does not get to 100 degrees in Finland too often so these guys struggle when it gets this warm

We are heading out of town and I worry about what to do if something happens to them.  We have several people on call in case they are needed here.  They have to be able to run the tractor and know what to do if we loose an adult Sheep.  There are strict requirements from the USDA if we find an adult sheep dead on the farm.  So everything is ready and sitting on the kitchen table just in case.

Looks like we might get a little rain and that might help cool down the barn.  But tomorrow should be difficult as well.

Peace Out :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Worm time of year

It seems here on the farm around the 4th of July we run into what we call a WORM WALL.  Even if we worm we start to notice the signs of a high worm infestation within our lamb flock.  It must be the high humidity and heat this time of year.

For instance we wormed the ram lambs 3 weeks ago and this past weekend we started seeing several cases of bottle jaw.  Bottle jaw is a sign of enema from high worm count.  So we wormed again.  Looks like our bottle jaw is corrected but you worry so much about the sheep building up a resistance to the wormer.  We try switching back and forth but someday you wonder if any wormer will work at all.

Peace out!!