Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grass grows, sheep eat

Today the sun is going to be out all day, or they say.  I noticed our pastures are just popping.  It seems like they grow inches everyday.  Tim is going to work today on putting new fence in the one ewe pasture so the moms and babies can spend their days on the lush grass.

We had 7 strands of Electric but the little lambs just shimmied under the wires in order to explore the world on the other side of the fence.  We are taking that out and replacing it with woven wire.  That way there will be no escapes :)

Not that they go far when they get out......our front yard is planted and tended to like a manicured lawn and they just sneak out and help themselves. NO big deal,  It takes a bucket and the magic words "COME ON" and back in the fence they go.  So it will be nice to have the new fence up. Less worry.

Still thinking of the meat thing on our lambs.  If you might be interested in Finn meat or someone who might like pasture raised, no hormones, or antibiotic lean sweet meat let me know.

Peace Out!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

TGIF, talking lamb chops

Glad Friday has made it here, not that it matters. I still have work to do everyday.  The sheep, dogs, and chickens still need feed, watered, and cared for no matter what day of the week it is.

I just called one of our local butchers to ask him some questions about the lambs going as meat.  I think if we do decide to go this route we will have them processed and vac. packed for us to sell privately.  I saw on line lamb from pasture raised farms.  One that is hormone and antibiotic free is going for an average of $22 a lb in chops, roasts, racks & burger. (Which is how we raise our sheep.)

It is something we really need to crunch the numbers on.  They would have to go at 70 to 90 lbs in order to get back about 50 lbs of meat.  And if we sold retail that meat for half (minus the processing fee) we would make almost twice the $ per lamb.  So we are looking long and hard at this.  It would be better then taking them to market as feeders and getting $2 a pound on the hoof.

I am very new at the whole lamb meat  thing since I have never had to do ours.  Not sure how I am emotionally going to handle it.  I have pretty thick skin, it still will be tough though. 

Peace Out!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's always the weather

I would love to have some super exciting news to tell you, but unfortunately again today it's about the weather.  Last night we had almost hurricane force wins whip through here.

I had to leave the south barn door open for air flow, and that is what they got. The wind came up from the south and popped the other two doors (which were closed and latched) right off their hinges.

Several trees down. One landing on the ram fence.  All the boys were back there taking an assesment
of the damage and trying to figure out how to jump over the smashed part.

Since it wont be until later when Tim can chain saw it off the fence, I opened up the other part of the pasture with the nice tall grass for them to hang out on.  Tree not so interesting now.

I do see a couple rays of sun so maybe today wont be such a downer.

Peace Out!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Messed up Weather

The sun finally comes out and the wind blows.  Not just, soft relaxing breeze.  We are talking watch farm stuff flying past the window blowing.

I like the fact the wind keeps the barn cool and good air flow is vital in a barn.  I also have the dog's house set up for a cross breeze to keep healthy air flow in there as well.  A stuffy, wet or to warm environment breeds infections especially Upper resp in sheep.

A large gust just blew 2  buckets across the yard.  Oh well the woods will stop them and I will have to go hunt them down.

Looks like we are getting more rain, there are still large puddles Someday it will be dry and when that happens I am sure I will be bitching about it being to dry and when is it going to rain :)

Peace Out!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quiet night

It is 10:30 Tuesday night and I am enjoying a quiet peaceful night.  I originally had all three of the barn doors open since the breeze was nice on the sheep, but looks like mother nature will strike again tonight.  So I trucked out to shut two of them. It is too warm to shut them all tonight. Left the north door open since it looks like the storms will be coming in from the South. The weather channel says VERY bad storms for us tonight and all day tomorrow.  i worry so much since all of my ewes and lambs are in the barn. What happens if it blows away to tumbles to the ground.  I would loose them all.

I try not to think the worst.  I do hate this time of year.  I hate the bad snow and slippery roads along with the spring bad storms. Other than that the weather is great here :)

Had a chat again with Tim about market lambs. Not sure if that is an option for us this year. I think it is to early to tell. Did a lot of research online and asked other sheep people some ?'s about when and where they took theirs.  I would love someone to want 25 ram lambs. That would solve everything this year.  Not holding my breath though :)

Off to bed and wait for the storms.   Peace OUT!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Splish Splash

Wet with lots of RAIN. OK, glad the ewes are still in the barn with their new babies.  It is way to wet out for them to be on the pastures.  Hope it dries up soon.  I am quickly running out of hay.  We feed our own hay we harvest all year to them until it is nice enough for them to be on pasture.

I might have enough to hold me a couple more weeks, so come on SUN.

Sloshed around outside today, getting everyone fed and watered.  Chickens enjoy the rain though.  They splash around in the mud puddles like little kids.  I have to laugh at them, one comes over and rinses off her feet, then another walks over to the puddle to drink.  Guess they don't mind dirty mud puddle water.

We still have lots of gorgeous ram lambs available.  I know several of them have pretty low micron fleeces, velvety soft, really shiny, and lots of substance.  That's what you want. Long body, thick necks, clean bellies, clean tails, great crimp, low micron, and nice luster.  Well we have them. Several years of breeding and we are producing some of the nicest lambs I have seen.  Come take a look or I can email out pictures or videos.

Peace Out :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

It is EGG-tastic today

With Easter around the corner, my chickens are in high egg laying mode.  12 eggs so far today.  I am thinking, deviled eggs, egg salad, and even an Angel food cake for Easter dinner.  All thanks to my trustee peeps.

It is of course drab and raining again today, so sheep are just hanging around in the barn.  I can tell they are egg-cited (HA HA) to get out on the lush pastures.

It has been way to muddy and wet for them to go into rotation but soon it will be nice enough and they will spend every waking moment on the green grass.