Monday, April 25, 2011

Splish Splash

Wet with lots of RAIN. OK, glad the ewes are still in the barn with their new babies.  It is way to wet out for them to be on the pastures.  Hope it dries up soon.  I am quickly running out of hay.  We feed our own hay we harvest all year to them until it is nice enough for them to be on pasture.

I might have enough to hold me a couple more weeks, so come on SUN.

Sloshed around outside today, getting everyone fed and watered.  Chickens enjoy the rain though.  They splash around in the mud puddles like little kids.  I have to laugh at them, one comes over and rinses off her feet, then another walks over to the puddle to drink.  Guess they don't mind dirty mud puddle water.

We still have lots of gorgeous ram lambs available.  I know several of them have pretty low micron fleeces, velvety soft, really shiny, and lots of substance.  That's what you want. Long body, thick necks, clean bellies, clean tails, great crimp, low micron, and nice luster.  Well we have them. Several years of breeding and we are producing some of the nicest lambs I have seen.  Come take a look or I can email out pictures or videos.

Peace Out :)

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