Thursday, May 3, 2018

Rain and more rain

Its been raining here all day. That's good for my plants, but bad for me. That means I need to mow soon. In the spring I sometimes have to mow twice a week. The grass grows that fast.

Worked on some garden projects.  I have to work today at the casino, so I limited my farm work.  Now there is a break in the rain I can head out to finish sheep afternoon chores.

Peace Out

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Chicken..Kinda Ironic

Yesterday was a very nice day, I got a lot accomplished outside.  Lambing season is over and I have about half the sheep sheared. Since the weather was beautiful I opted to spend my day up front in the gardens.  Most people know me as a sheep farmer, but I am also a HUGE cut flower grower.  I have 2 acres of gardens up front by the road that has raised beds, cut flower beds, grapes, lots of lavender and a cute little garden shed to sell stuff out of.

One thing that takes soooo much time from me is the WEEDS. So this year I decided my motto is "Plan ahead, work hard now, so you don't have to work harder, later" LOL I spent the whole day laying weed block.

When I finally headed up to the barn for my evening chores, I noticed one of my chickens was dead in the coop. I was very sad and had to take care of the body. I hate when I loose an animal. I don't even like to see the Cats get a mouse.  I know it happens but I don't like having to see it.

With that being said. Tim came home from work and asked what we were having for dinner. I was dead tired and really didn't want to cook.  The first place that came to mind was "LEE'S" famous Chicken.  Doesn't it seem odd and ironic that after taking care of  my dead laying hen I was really hungry for fried chicken.  I felt horrible about it, but they (Lee's) do have good chicken.

Peace Out.  and RIP miss chicken

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Today...first mowing of the year.

Today I did the first mowing of 2018.  Tim customized my lawn mower again this year. When he bought it, I had some request that he did, like where I can mow in reverse ect.  Its all about convenience for me. I mow several acres of grass every week. I have so much, I do it in stages. Today I did up and down the driveway (we have a very long driveway) and up by the road.

I asked Tim to make me an attachment that allows the mower deck to not throw the clippings all over my flower beds. But could be held up to allow it to spread it as I mow the rest of the grass.  I wanted it durable and easy to use.  Here is what he designed and built.  It works pretty good. Now I am not throwing clipping all in my raised beds. Easy Peasy!

Peace Out!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

And then there was one...

Have to work at the Casino early today, and of course its suppose to be super nice outside. Go figure. Was up extra early to do farm chores so I can be out for work by 9 am.  Two new babies greeted me in the barn.  One of the last yearlings had twins. Kind of small babies but we will see if they keep up and grow fast. I am always nervous the first week with them.

Yesterday sheared two ewes and tossed them outside.  I have 7 left in the barn with only ONE, Yes ONE ewe yet to lamb. Hallelujah!!

Alright heading to JOB number 3, wish I could stay and do farm work, but this is the one that makes the most money.

Peace out!!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Garden work today on the farm

Since the temperatue was tolatorably,  I headed up to the garden shed and did some work. Cleaned and organized, raked, pulled weeds and trimmed some grapes back.

Had a new lamb baby born today. Little white ram from a first time mom. Looking good so far.

Now maybe a cup of coffee,  and a little relax time.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

At least the Sun is out

Still pretty cold and windy here, but the sun is shining and the new babies and moms can soak up some rays.  I wake up every morning before looking out side and say "please no snow, please no snow." Maybe some day I will sitting up in bed saying "Wow its hot in here, going to be a scorcher today" July....right?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Its hard being a farmer.

So after loosing one older ewe I started my day loosing another one.  This weather and having babies takes its toll on some of the older ewes.

She was very weak yesterday so Tim and I brought her back into the barn,  got her in a nice dry warm pen with food and water. I treated her with everything I had, and just waited.  She was gone this morning.

People sometimes don't understand,  The whole story of raising animals.  They tend to see what's on Facebook or the news.  How people are just in it for the money or how dare they have them outside when its muddy, raining or snowing.

Here is a quick education for anyone doubting.  I wake up early after working a full shift at my other job. jump into farm clothes and outside I go. I make sure they have water and grain. I let my dogs out in the run yard to potty while I am in the barn doing morning chores.  Then I come in have a cup of coffee check my computer laundry, dishes, trash or whatever house work needs done. Then head out to do yard work, garden work, sheep work  If its cold out I do craft work inside to sell at the farmers market. At 1:00 pm everyday I head back out to the barn and do afternoon chores. Let the dogs run a bit again. Make sure everyone has water toss hay, gather eggs. clean up the barn, toss things, bring down more hay bales.  I try to be back in the house to give me an hour to get ready for work.

I Do this everyday, rain or shine, snow or sun. Even vomiting with the FLU.  That's raising animals. So when I hit a bump in the road, to me its devastating,  But I have other babies to take care of.  No time to cry, be sick, or feel sorry for myself.  That's raising animals.

Peace Out!