Saturday, April 21, 2018

Garden work today on the farm

Since the temperatue was tolatorably,  I headed up to the garden shed and did some work. Cleaned and organized, raked, pulled weeds and trimmed some grapes back.

Had a new lamb baby born today. Little white ram from a first time mom. Looking good so far.

Now maybe a cup of coffee,  and a little relax time.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

At least the Sun is out

Still pretty cold and windy here, but the sun is shining and the new babies and moms can soak up some rays.  I wake up every morning before looking out side and say "please no snow, please no snow." Maybe some day I will sitting up in bed saying "Wow its hot in here, going to be a scorcher today" July....right?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Its hard being a farmer.

So after loosing one older ewe I started my day loosing another one.  This weather and having babies takes its toll on some of the older ewes.

She was very weak yesterday so Tim and I brought her back into the barn,  got her in a nice dry warm pen with food and water. I treated her with everything I had, and just waited.  She was gone this morning.

People sometimes don't understand,  The whole story of raising animals.  They tend to see what's on Facebook or the news.  How people are just in it for the money or how dare they have them outside when its muddy, raining or snowing.

Here is a quick education for anyone doubting.  I wake up early after working a full shift at my other job. jump into farm clothes and outside I go. I make sure they have water and grain. I let my dogs out in the run yard to potty while I am in the barn doing morning chores.  Then I come in have a cup of coffee check my computer laundry, dishes, trash or whatever house work needs done. Then head out to do yard work, garden work, sheep work  If its cold out I do craft work inside to sell at the farmers market. At 1:00 pm everyday I head back out to the barn and do afternoon chores. Let the dogs run a bit again. Make sure everyone has water toss hay, gather eggs. clean up the barn, toss things, bring down more hay bales.  I try to be back in the house to give me an hour to get ready for work.

I Do this everyday, rain or shine, snow or sun. Even vomiting with the FLU.  That's raising animals. So when I hit a bump in the road, to me its devastating,  But I have other babies to take care of.  No time to cry, be sick, or feel sorry for myself.  That's raising animals.

Peace Out!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Add to resume...Tattoo artist, sorta

Today since it has been raining all day I spent most of the day in the barn. Sheared a little white yearling. Her fleece is like silk.  Very soft very low micron.

I also had to TATOO. Yep tattoo some ewes.

Since I have 9 ewes that look identical, (they are all related),  I have trouble telling them apart. I had ear tags in but they have removed them somehow over the months. This way they are ear tagged permanently and I am able to tell the difference as they get older.

Now I don't use a traditionally tattoo machine but a hand held tool in which I put the number in, clean the ear with alcohol,  then squeeze. Remove the punch and rub black tattoo ink into the wound.

You can see the ones we did with their signature black ear.  Over time all you will see is a black number in their ear.

I hate doing it, but since USDA requires identification on animals used for breeding and market,  it has to be done.

Now done with all the hard work so I can chill and watch some TV for the evening.

Peace Out Farm PEEPS!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

They lost their mom.

I had two lamb babies that I have been bottle feeding in anticipation of loosing their mom. Well today was the day we had to put  their mom down. It is never easy,  even with a sheep.

My blood, sweat and tears have went into each and every animal here on the farm. When I loose one it is very hard. I still cry.  I also remember when they were born and how that made me feel.  And of course all the happiness they brought me.

Now these two little boys are orphaned and really need me more than ever.

Rest in Peace, Sepia. Don't worry girl....I've got this.

Peace Out!

Friday, April 13, 2018

And....its a nice day

Had lots to do since the weather finally is cooperating.  I had a greenhouse like the one pictured below and it imploded. So now there is just an empty space. I had to gather all the thousands of greenhouse pieces load them up on the tractor and take them in the back to put into the dumpster.  Made 3 trips. Not including the trips to get the right wrench and socket to help tear it apart.

Had to stop and visit the bottle babies. So I got a selfie with one of the pipsqueaks.

Now I am ready to call it a day.

Peace out farm peeps!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sun and Wind

Sun comes out and the wind blows.

It nice to see the temperature above freezing today, but it also brings some huge gusts of wind.  Everyone is just chillin' here on the farm. Moved some EWES around yesterday. I have new moms and babies in JUGS in the barn, then they get moved to a holding area and then outside.

The new babies are pretty small and need to be protected in the barn until I feel comfortable sending them out into the big scary world.  Most moms do a great job keeping an eye and protecting them. And there are some that are like, "OOOhh green grass, see ya bitches"  then the poor babies are running around lost and scared.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a beautiful warm spring day. Can't wait to open up house windows and doors. I don't like a stuffy closed up house.  And I am off work so I have the whole day to myself for farm work.

That's all so far today.

Peace out, Farm Peeps!