Friday, May 20, 2011

Sugar Corn Pops and Chicken

Since I am currently out of laying mash until this evening, my chickens were pretty upset this morning waiting for their breakfast.  Normally I get them their mash first thing and put it in their feeder.

Not having mash today I improvised and found an old stale box of Sugar Corn Pops in the pantry.  I figured that would make them happy. If they do not get something in the morning they are upset the rest of the day.  I guess they are habit animals.  Anyway, it was like I was tossing money on the ground in a crowd of people.  It is amazing how much they liked that cereal.  So I guess for the next 24 hours if I was to eat the eggs or happen to eat a chicken they will taste like Sugar Corn Pops.

Peace Out!

Monday, May 16, 2011

How about Finn Wool soap scrubbies??

I am thinking on doing felted wool (ours of course) around organic goat's milk soap bars.  I think they would be a big hit.  The reason why I say that is, I was up at the Beachwood Mall which is the east side of Cleveland on Sat.  It is a very high end Mall, and I found my Lush store. I had been to one in Chicago and remember buying this soap that took my breath away.  It was a lemon with lemon peel. It made me smell so good. Maybe more like lemon pledge, but I did not care. Anyway, I bought a bar while I was in Lush and paid $11.99 for one bar of soap. Really!!!

So what would you think about that quality of soap with an ALL NATURAL FARM RAISED wool felted scrubbie wrapped around your favorite flavor of organic milk soap? 

I thought of it last night while taking a much needed relaxing bath and trying to handle my new $11.99 bar of soap which kept slipping out of my hand into the water.  IF it had a felted wrap it would suds up nice help clean like a wash cloth and keep from making a splash down.

It is a thought!!

Peace Out!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Greener Pastures

Sheep are now officially off of baled hay and on to greener pastures.  Now comes the fun part of keeping them "Worm Free"  UUGGHH

Tim got the ewe fence done. Talk about over kill.  4 feet high of 2 X 2 squared woven wire on all wood posts sunk into concrete, 3 stands of electrified 6, 10, & 14 inches off the ground. Plus paneled gates. Nothing is getting in or out of that fence. LOL

But nice to see them laying around in the lush green field chewing their cuds and being happy.  Happy sheep makes me happy.  And we all know Terrie needs to be happy or LOOK OUT!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Going to have baby peeps, or so I am told!

Ok, I am trying my hand at setting some chicken eggs.  With the guidance of my mom, who is the Chicken Queen of Medford ,Oregon.  I have a broody hen who just loves sitting on the nest so I am letting her hatch out some eggs. She has 4 under her right now.  Since I have a Rooster the eggs are fertilized, now it is up to the mom to do the rest.

It is odd though, there are 4 different eggs under her, so she will actually hatch out at least 3 kids that are technically not hers.  Interesting.

I marked the eggs to make sure those are the ones that stay under her.  My mom said don't let her hatch out more than 7 or 8, she says that makes for a stressful brood to watch over.  Now if they hatch it will be trying to keep them from being someones supper.

I will keep you posted on the up and coming peeps.

Peace Out!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Super soft wool, for sale

I was hoping to keep my fleeces from this year and have them processed, but lack of time and energy has forced me to sell them off as raw fleeces.  I hate to let them go, they are VERY nice.  Pretty soft, lots of crimp and luster.  I am sure someone will make some nice things with them.  Bummed about it, but they are taking up room in the basement.  I think there is 20 fleeces down there.

Peace Out !!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lambs going to their new homes

Yesterday, we sent off two more ewes to their new homes. A young 4H'r is taking them to show.  He was SOOOOO excited. He got a nice white and a black with white mask. Both have superb fleeces and great bone. He should do well at the fair.

We also delivered 7 lambs and 1 adult ram to IN last week.  They are slowly leaving the nest. Yesterday the little boys dad asked if I miss them. I do when there are none, but still having 50+ loosing 10 or so is nothing.

Peace Out!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lamb Chops coming soon!

Ok, it is official, Tim and I have decided to offer range, pasture raised, hormone & antibiotic free lamb meat.  After several days of talking and doing research we are going to go ahead and do some lamb for meat.

We will sell it vacuumed packed, in whatever cut you prefer. I think we will have it done in Chops, loins, roasts, racks, and burger.

Finn lamb meat is very lean and sweat.  Not strong or gaming tasting.  I can't vouch for that though I have not eaten one of mine.  But others have and they LOVE IT!!! I have accepted the mental fact of this, and with lamb at an all time high as well as the responsibility as a shepherd this was the most profitable business  decision for the farm. Or so I am told.

Wish me luck :(

Peace Out!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"On the Road Again"

Today is a sheep transport day. We offer our new sheep owners delivery.  Tim does it kicking and screaming but I think it helps the new owners out especially if they do not have the ability to come get them.

We have actually had people put their lambs in small dog crates in their back seats.  That is OK if you are getting one, but all three of these gals are getting multis.

It is just easier for us to meet all three at one location and send them on their way. The Finn sheep travels very well. We have had them all over the country and they just hang out and eat their hay in the pen in the back of the truck.

So we are on the road again.

Peace Out!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The death of a Devils advocate

I would never celebrate the death of another humane being, but there are people on this earth that are nothing more then saten in the flesh.  Since the beginning of time, good always fought evil, and good always prevailed.  It may take many years, but the good always came shining though.

Glad to hear this chapter in the US is now closed and we can move on to make the world a better place.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May, the month for moms

Today is the start of May and that means the month for moms.  Mother's day is next weekend and the 12th is my mom's birthday.  She will be 29 again :)

Very over cast day, but warmer.  I can handle a slight breeze and clouds as long as I do not need my gloves and hat.  Tim made lots of progress on the new fence yesterday while I was out.  He also sold several dozen eggs to a passer-buyer. I have a sign at the road and he bought what we had in the fridge.  He liked seeing the chickens running around and  under your feet.

We called it a day around 8 pm and headed out to Bucca Di Peppo for Italian.  As we were pulling in a SUV backed into a smaller car, I mean hit them hard, then drove off. But being the good citizen I am I got their license plate number and turned their behind in.  I would be sooooo ticked if someone did that to my car.  I go off when I get a new door ding. Could you imagine a smashed in front.  UUUGGGHHH

That's pretty much it. Nice Sunday, Nice first day of May.

Peace Out!!