Sunday, May 1, 2011

May, the month for moms

Today is the start of May and that means the month for moms.  Mother's day is next weekend and the 12th is my mom's birthday.  She will be 29 again :)

Very over cast day, but warmer.  I can handle a slight breeze and clouds as long as I do not need my gloves and hat.  Tim made lots of progress on the new fence yesterday while I was out.  He also sold several dozen eggs to a passer-buyer. I have a sign at the road and he bought what we had in the fridge.  He liked seeing the chickens running around and  under your feet.

We called it a day around 8 pm and headed out to Bucca Di Peppo for Italian.  As we were pulling in a SUV backed into a smaller car, I mean hit them hard, then drove off. But being the good citizen I am I got their license plate number and turned their behind in.  I would be sooooo ticked if someone did that to my car.  I go off when I get a new door ding. Could you imagine a smashed in front.  UUUGGGHHH

That's pretty much it. Nice Sunday, Nice first day of May.

Peace Out!!

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