Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grass grows, sheep eat

Today the sun is going to be out all day, or they say.  I noticed our pastures are just popping.  It seems like they grow inches everyday.  Tim is going to work today on putting new fence in the one ewe pasture so the moms and babies can spend their days on the lush grass.

We had 7 strands of Electric but the little lambs just shimmied under the wires in order to explore the world on the other side of the fence.  We are taking that out and replacing it with woven wire.  That way there will be no escapes :)

Not that they go far when they get out......our front yard is planted and tended to like a manicured lawn and they just sneak out and help themselves. NO big deal,  It takes a bucket and the magic words "COME ON" and back in the fence they go.  So it will be nice to have the new fence up. Less worry.

Still thinking of the meat thing on our lambs.  If you might be interested in Finn meat or someone who might like pasture raised, no hormones, or antibiotic lean sweet meat let me know.

Peace Out!!

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