Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Messed up Weather

The sun finally comes out and the wind blows.  Not just, soft relaxing breeze.  We are talking watch farm stuff flying past the window blowing.

I like the fact the wind keeps the barn cool and good air flow is vital in a barn.  I also have the dog's house set up for a cross breeze to keep healthy air flow in there as well.  A stuffy, wet or to warm environment breeds infections especially Upper resp in sheep.

A large gust just blew 2  buckets across the yard.  Oh well the woods will stop them and I will have to go hunt them down.

Looks like we are getting more rain, there are still large puddles Someday it will be dry and when that happens I am sure I will be bitching about it being to dry and when is it going to rain :)

Peace Out!!

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