Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quiet night

It is 10:30 Tuesday night and I am enjoying a quiet peaceful night.  I originally had all three of the barn doors open since the breeze was nice on the sheep, but looks like mother nature will strike again tonight.  So I trucked out to shut two of them. It is too warm to shut them all tonight. Left the north door open since it looks like the storms will be coming in from the South. The weather channel says VERY bad storms for us tonight and all day tomorrow.  i worry so much since all of my ewes and lambs are in the barn. What happens if it blows away to tumbles to the ground.  I would loose them all.

I try not to think the worst.  I do hate this time of year.  I hate the bad snow and slippery roads along with the spring bad storms. Other than that the weather is great here :)

Had a chat again with Tim about market lambs. Not sure if that is an option for us this year. I think it is to early to tell. Did a lot of research online and asked other sheep people some ?'s about when and where they took theirs.  I would love someone to want 25 ram lambs. That would solve everything this year.  Not holding my breath though :)

Off to bed and wait for the storms.   Peace OUT!!

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