Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's always the weather

I would love to have some super exciting news to tell you, but unfortunately again today it's about the weather.  Last night we had almost hurricane force wins whip through here.

I had to leave the south barn door open for air flow, and that is what they got. The wind came up from the south and popped the other two doors (which were closed and latched) right off their hinges.

Several trees down. One landing on the ram fence.  All the boys were back there taking an assesment
of the damage and trying to figure out how to jump over the smashed part.

Since it wont be until later when Tim can chain saw it off the fence, I opened up the other part of the pasture with the nice tall grass for them to hang out on.  Tree not so interesting now.

I do see a couple rays of sun so maybe today wont be such a downer.

Peace Out!!

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