Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Going to have baby peeps, or so I am told!

Ok, I am trying my hand at setting some chicken eggs.  With the guidance of my mom, who is the Chicken Queen of Medford ,Oregon.  I have a broody hen who just loves sitting on the nest so I am letting her hatch out some eggs. She has 4 under her right now.  Since I have a Rooster the eggs are fertilized, now it is up to the mom to do the rest.

It is odd though, there are 4 different eggs under her, so she will actually hatch out at least 3 kids that are technically not hers.  Interesting.

I marked the eggs to make sure those are the ones that stay under her.  My mom said don't let her hatch out more than 7 or 8, she says that makes for a stressful brood to watch over.  Now if they hatch it will be trying to keep them from being someones supper.

I will keep you posted on the up and coming peeps.

Peace Out!!!

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