Friday, May 20, 2011

Sugar Corn Pops and Chicken

Since I am currently out of laying mash until this evening, my chickens were pretty upset this morning waiting for their breakfast.  Normally I get them their mash first thing and put it in their feeder.

Not having mash today I improvised and found an old stale box of Sugar Corn Pops in the pantry.  I figured that would make them happy. If they do not get something in the morning they are upset the rest of the day.  I guess they are habit animals.  Anyway, it was like I was tossing money on the ground in a crowd of people.  It is amazing how much they liked that cereal.  So I guess for the next 24 hours if I was to eat the eggs or happen to eat a chicken they will taste like Sugar Corn Pops.

Peace Out!

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