Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When will it get done??

OK my garden is well still in the making. I have the plants, got it all tilled, but I do not seem to have any free time to spend planting.  Here it is middle of June and still tons of things are still not done.

We did get the small pasture of hay in, first cutting always is a bit stalkie, we got 275 bales.  Still need to do the big field in the back that is 13 acres and we are hoping for 500 bales, if we can get to it.

Sat. the farrier is coming out for the donkeys. Can't be here though I am going down to the Akron Canton airport on dog business.  So Sat is pretty tied up for me.  Everyone needs me and it seems they need me yesterday.  Tim has been sick so they will all be SOL if I get sick and in bed for a week.

Peace Out!!

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