Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's all about the Chickens

Well, today I lost an adult hen. Found her dead in the hay pile. I made Tim take care of it. Things like that give me nightmares at night.  I have enough trouble sleeping as it is.

Also lost one of the 4 baby chicks I think it was a snack for the two feral cats living under the neighbors shed. Poor little peep :(

Now there are 3 chicks still kicking (FOR NOW). I have one that seems to wander all over and the neighbor has brought her back 3 times. She will be the next to go I bet. Something will have a taste for Chicken nuggets and snatch her up.

But on a funny note.  The other day I was out at the barn. I had driven the truck over there to drop off some feed. I really had to "Potty" but my foot was hurting so bad and the house was far away so I did what any normal person who really has to go would do, I headed behind the barn to squat and "Pee" well I was not alone here was most of my chickens with this "Whatcha doing look" One decided it would walk right between my legs.  Well most of you know when you are going it is pretty hard to stop so I try "Swooshing" her away but she continued to walk right under "You know" It is what it is.  Don't think I would eat her eggs for a few days.

That's all for now.

Peace Out!!!

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