Thursday, June 16, 2011

I had to resuscitate a chick

Most people think I am weird to begin with but this will really confirm that.  For those who know I have new baby chicks I had hatch here on the farm.  I have been watching the eggs for 3 weeks and then on Memorial day they hatched. There are 4 little baby fuzz balls out following their mom.  Yesterday I was at the computer which looks out into the yard pastures and barn.  I saw mom and her babies walking towards the house then head back towards the sheep pasture.

A few mins later I went out to toss some salad scraps to them and noticed only 3 chicks. The other one had fallen into the sheep water trough and was struggling to stay a float. I immediately wrapped it in my jacket and headed for the house.  I laid it on a towel and used Tim's hair dryer to get it dry.  I would hold up one little wing then the other trying to resuscitate it.  After several mins under the warm dryer it started to "peep"  It took almost 30 mins under the dryer to get it completely dry and warm.

I then put it out by its mom in the yard on a brown dog bed to absorb the sun rays in hopes she (the mom) would stay around and when it felt strong enough it would follow her.

2 hours later I returned to the bed and it was gone.  She had all 4 of them out in the sheep pasture eating bugs.  Thank heavens.  Now, the joke is, I saved it and it probably is a rooster who will be in the stock pot anyway.  Oh well, a life is a life.

Peace out!!

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  1. GOOD WORK, Terri! I would have done the same thing. Saving the chick is much better than walking outside and seeing it dead in the sheep tank... :( Lucky you were at the right place at the right time!