Monday, May 16, 2011

How about Finn Wool soap scrubbies??

I am thinking on doing felted wool (ours of course) around organic goat's milk soap bars.  I think they would be a big hit.  The reason why I say that is, I was up at the Beachwood Mall which is the east side of Cleveland on Sat.  It is a very high end Mall, and I found my Lush store. I had been to one in Chicago and remember buying this soap that took my breath away.  It was a lemon with lemon peel. It made me smell so good. Maybe more like lemon pledge, but I did not care. Anyway, I bought a bar while I was in Lush and paid $11.99 for one bar of soap. Really!!!

So what would you think about that quality of soap with an ALL NATURAL FARM RAISED wool felted scrubbie wrapped around your favorite flavor of organic milk soap? 

I thought of it last night while taking a much needed relaxing bath and trying to handle my new $11.99 bar of soap which kept slipping out of my hand into the water.  IF it had a felted wrap it would suds up nice help clean like a wash cloth and keep from making a splash down.

It is a thought!!

Peace Out!!

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  1. I've made and sold felted soaps at farmers markets, Terrie, if you need any tips let me know! And felted dryer balls are the "new thing"... do a Google search, several Navajo-Churro breeders are doing it. Love to see you expanding your farm products line!